The Institute for Human Capitalism




"In this age of knowledge-based organizations, now more than ever, human energy capital needs to be recharged, refocused and utilized to power a revitalization of business."

- Darwin Gillett,
Revitalize Your Company (2002)

Institute for Human Capitalism

Engaging the full power of
human talent and spirit
– for business success,
individual development,
and the common good.

The services we provide are:

  • SPEAKING on topics related to Human Economics, including:
    • Building a company using Human Economics
    • Tapping Spiritual Capital to Energize Your Company
    • Five Energy Blocks that Keep Many Companies from Achieving all they can
    • Integrating and Balancing Spiritual Capital and Intellectual Capital
    • Revitalize your Company’s Growth and Profitability – by tapping and utilizing its Spiritual Capital
  • PROGRAM (in the form of a seminar or working conference on Noble Enterprise Pathway to Success
  • CONSULTING Assistance in achieving and leading Sustainable Peak Company Performance

Contact us for specific information about any of the above services.

Here is what past clients say about our consulting contributions

"You are able to hear what people are saying – then encapsulate it, break it down into its major themes – and do it with impartiality. You’re an extremely good listener of what the concerns of various groups are. And you're able to take them one more step. Your help was invaluable in that regard." – Controller, Packaging Company

"You turned a situation of conflict into one of cooperation." Group VP, Chemical Products Company

"You helped us get organized and kept us focused on our goal. We moved faster because of that." Leader of a business process redesign team

"You created an atmosphere where people felt safe to express their ideas." Project leader of a management process redesign team

"Just the inner strength you gave people was worthwhile." Re-engineering project participant

"You have a knack for providing the guidance and spirit to get people working together." Re-engineering project team member

"Many consultants have "the answer." They just want you to ask the right question. Gillett can listen to your real questions, and work with you on them." Group VP of Human Resources, Pharmaceutical Company

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