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Here are some publications that relate to Human Economics, Capitalism and the Economic System:


NOBLE ENTERPRISE: The Commonsense Guide to Uplifting People and Profits by Darwin Gillett, 2008 Cosimo Books


"Moving beyond the "Either-or" of Human Spirit and Profits" by Darwin Gillett - EBBF Inspire eNewsletter, Feb. 2006

Business owners and corporate executives seeking ways to create sustainable growth and profitability would do well to take a look at a movement that is transforming employees, managers and companies into sustainable high performing winners.

"Bringing a Company Back to Life – the Role of a CEO" by Darwin Gillett - At Work Journal, May/June 1999

When a company is losing money, customers and employees - when it is sinking fast - what does it take to make it not only viable, but successful? In such times, the CEO’s decisions about strategy and finance are critical, but they aren’t everything. Just as important are the values, beliefs and spirit the CEO brings to the job of breathing life back into the organization. This is the story of one such CEO and the company (AT&T Canada) that he revitalized.

"Rebuilding the Human Spirit after Downsizing" by Darwin Gillett - PIMA (Paper Industry Management Association) Journal, December 1996

Downsizing seems automatically to increase profitability (the simple math is: fewer employees = lower costs = higher profits), but the thinking leaves out two important facts: 1) Revenues are in large part created by the employees of a company and are thus not independent of the number of employees, and may very likely decline also, and equally important, 2) human spirit (and thus Spiritual Capital) declines when people are let go and the remaining employees become scared or resentful. Thus downsizing is not necessarily the answer for raising profitability. So, raising human spirit back up becomes critical after such downsizing.

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