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If you want the insights, leadership tools - and inspiration - to create a noble enterprise and lead your people to new heights of performance, then this is the book for you.

“It is a "must read" for serious students and practitioners of leadership.”

—Ken Bardach, Associate Dean and Charles and Joanne Knight Distinguished Director of Executive Programs at Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis

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Human Capitalism recognizes the importance of Human Capital in company success, both

  1. in attracting, nurturing and utilizing that Human Capital to build strong, profitable enterprises, and
  2. in sharing the financial rewards of the company’s success with that Human Capital.

The first part (effectively utilizing Human Capital) has become the focus of management in a growing number of companies. For others, it’s just now beginning. The second part (sharing the financial rewards with Human Capital) has been a focus of only a few (mostly privately-held) companies,. Human Capitalism is based on an understanding of Human Economics.

Human Economics is a description of how today's world works. It recognizes the central and growing role of human energy.

Applied Human Economics is the Management Science of growing and utilizing Human Energy Capital to build and lead successful companies.

Human Economics recognizes that ...

  • Human Capital is now the primary driver of the wealth creation process.

  • Human Capital consists not only of Intellectual Capital, but also of Spiritual Capital. Just as in life, so also in business, the complete human being consists of body (labor), mind (intellectual capital) and spirit (spiritual capital). See Spiritual Capital.

  • The Human ingredient is the core of the company, not merely a cost-based resource.

  • Companies are a set of human relationships and energy that flows through them, not merely a set of resources and transactions.

  • Work best contributes to corporate achievement when designed to enhance individual self-actualization and to stimulate expression of the full range of human talent and spirit.

  • When both the Material and Human dimensions are honored, integrated and balanced, companies are healthier and more prosperous.

  • Effective Leaders energize and inspire people toward shared goals. Leaders' beliefs, values and relationships are as important in this process as are their decisions and actions.

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"In this age of knowledge-based organizations, now more than ever, human energy capital needs to be recharged, refocused and utilized to power a revitalization of business."

- Darwin Gillett,
Revitalize Your Company (2002)

The Institute for Human Capitalism


Engaging the full power of
human talent and spirit
– for business success,
individual development,
and the common good.

The Institute for Human Capitalism (IHC) is dedicated to helping senior executives and business owners draw forth the vast wealth of human talent and spirit in their organizations and build highly successful companies for the benefit of all its multiple stakeholders, including the providers of Human Capital.


IHC provides practical principles about Human Capitalism and Human Economics that enable leaders of businesses to create and to lead vibrant organizations that become highly successful.


Our methodology draws on the wisdom of both leadership practitioners and thought leaders, and provides insights and inspiring examples to IHC members and clients.



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